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Discover the Traditional Treasures and the Hippest Sips of Tea in Chinatown

Chinatown is a haven for the largest varieties of tea that can be found in New York. Whether a novice or a connoisseur when it comes to tea, there is a taste for everyone in Chinatown’s broad range of tea houses, cafés, and specialty tea shops. Take the time to stroll into one of these establishments and sip on tea ranging from traditional green teas to trendy tapioca bubble teas. More recently, a new wave of tea drinkers has emerged. Young and hip, this new crowd has a high-demand for exotic spiced teas, fruit-infused choices, and tapioca bubble teas.

Tea houses are an integral part of everyday life for the Chinese, and in Chinatown, they offer visitors a place to relax and re-charge after a day of walking and shopping. Discover a fusion of new and old at tea houses that offer both traditional Chinese tea and fun-to-drink tapioca bubble teas. Try different varieties of tea and enjoy a snack at the same time. Ideal tea houses and cafés to rest one’s feet or converse with friends in the area:

Silk Road Mocha – 30 Mott Street, Tel: 212-566-3738 – paying tribute to both its Italian and Chinese history, visitors can sip one of Silk Road’s popular frothy tapioca bubble teas or enjoy an aromatic espresso
Nom Wah Tea Parlor - 13 Doyers Street, Tel: 212-962-6047 – their specialty is traditional oolong tea
Green Tea Café – 45 Mott Street, Tel: 212-693-2888 – sip their excellent green tea and tapioca bubble tea and munch on delightful Chinese snacks
Tea & Tea – 51 Mott Street, Tel: 212-766-9889 – offers an array of teas including: tapioca bubble tea, Japanese green tea, red tea, and Chinese jasmine tea

Next time I'll post a variety of places in Chinatown where you can buy tea to brew at home.


Blogger Christina of Chinatown said...

Teas have even found their way into desserts such as ice cream. At Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, one of our most popular flavors is the green tea.
In our green tea ice cream,we use Chinese green tea instead of the traditional Japanese Matcha that many of us are used to.
We hope in the near future to bring other tea flavors into our store!

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